Classical Equitation according to the Principles of
Ecole de Légèreté

Every time we ride a horse, we train a horse - for better or for worse. Horses have incredible memories and forget nothing about what we do to them, or allow them to do.

Classical Dressage is gymnastic training that works with the nature of the horse - for long term health and well being - mentally and physically, without harm or harassment. Good dressage brings out the best in every horse, regardless of the breed or discipline.

Bringing dignity and joy into riding requires:

  • a sense of calm

  • empathy for how horses learn

  • knowledge of basic anatomy and biomechanics

  • an understanding of balance and laterality

  • self discipline and courage 

  • a curious analytical mind

  • a way to communicate - a trustworthy dialogue of aids that are clear, understandable and achievable, and most importantly...

  • a way to listen, and feel what the horse tries to tell us.

This way we have a possibility to create something beautiful and dignified; a dance of two partners who understand and respect each other, and enjoy being together.