Video Coaching Lesson

Video Coaching Lesson

How does it work?

Get specific tailored support to your training needs. Ranging from a one-time video coaching session to ongoing mentoring and support provided via phone, video or Internet.


Video Coaching includes a detailed assessment of your video, on one or two topics, with feedback either via email, phone or skype. Video may be sent via an online upload to your own private youtube channel or mailed on DVD/USB.


How to get the most from your Video Coaching Session.

An effective way to find those awesome break through moments is to identify where you want to improve and focus on one or two key priorities, or issues. Then with your video, aim to show a few repetitions of the same thing, and from different angles.


For example: say you are having a bit of trouble with forward energy and impulsion. You could provide a series of short clips from different angles, on each rein, through transitions, and in each gait. Provide comments to support your situation, and ask specific or general questions to seek clarification on various elements.


For best results:

Use a tripod or smooth hand, to zoom in/out slowly as needed to show clear details of the horse and rider in the frame. A tiny horse in the distance is too difficult to see. So best to get someone who can help you to get a good result. Several short clips may also be better than one long one, being quicker to upload.


Ongoing Support Options: 

Ongoing support is also available with video coaching. Choose between three, six or twelve months ongoing support via whichever format best suits your situation: email, phone, skype are all possible. See "Ongoing Support' on the Store page.


How do I register?

  • Select 'Video Coaching Lesson' here to process your payment
  • Send an email to with your contact details & background about you and your horse, topic/s you are seeking advice on, and priorities/issues as you see it.
  • You will receive information about sending the video
  • Coaching feedback is within 7-10 days from receiving the video.
  • I will contact you to agree on a suitable time to discuss. 
  • A refund (less admin fee) is available if there is a valid reason for not sending / uploading a video.